You Can Order the Lotions from the Internet

Email Sent in by Leanne:

You have hijacked my heart. What can I do to get it back?

I am Ray. You might have heard of me. If you have not then now you have! I am Ray. How have you been. I am taking classes at a local college to learn to be a better computer organizer. If you have used the Internet at all lately then I am working on that.

What do you do? I guess that you are a fashion model or a tailor's assistant since you are beautiful and wear nice clothes. I am not the type of guy to comment on fashion but you have it down pat.

So here is something I can do to get my heart back: I will submit myself to you in exchange for you to please me with lotions. THE BALLS DEMAND IT AND DO DO I.



  1. Is this some long round-about way of saying "It puts the lotion on it's skin?"

  2. I think he was trying to say "...SO DO I." But somehow "...DO DO I." works much better for me.

    Also, I'm glad he's working on that internet problem.


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