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I've been afraid of writing one of these for a while so here goes. I have two friends on here and all they say is how much fun it is. I'm not so sure. Willingly surrendering personal information to a site full of sex-starved strangers is not my ideal idea of a good time but maybe you reading this will be different. Let's see. Um. I am a woman. Um. I have two degrees. Um. I like pets. Um. Don't know what else you want to know. I guess write me and ask? Never done anything like this before.

A guy brought me flowers once. Not sure why. I found it amusing. I would date me... if that would help things along. My friends prob would too. Been in sticky situation in the past but you know who has always been there for me? Me. I guess if I was a religion I'd worship myself. Maybe this online dating thing is easier than I thought. The perfect one is truly the one in the mirror.


  1. Wow, Narcissus in on OK Cupid. Who knew?

  2. Would you date me? I'd date me. I'd date me hard. I'd date me so hard...


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