Gunning for Trouble

Story Sent in by Jaime:

Several years ago, I was out on a first date with Mitchell. We sat in a restaurant's outdoor seating area that was right across the street from a city park. We talked about this and that. Before our meals came, he asked me if I liked guns.

"Not really," I replied.

"Have you ever fired one?" he asked.


He reached down to his pants and pulled out a handgun. "Go ahead," he said, right there in public.

"Go ahead what?"

"You can hold it if you want to. I trust you won't blow my head off."

"That's okay. You can take it back."

He asked, "Are you afraid of it? It's just a gun."

"Please put it away."

"Why? It's a hundred percent legal."

"I'll leave if you don't put it away."

He said, "You won't. You'll sit down and stay. I just ordered food for you and–"

I didn't hear what he said next, as I was already in the process of leaving. It was too bad, as I was really looking forward to dinner at that place.


  1. What was he going to do? Hold up the place if you didn't stay?

  2. He wanted you to share his world view OP. A world viewed through the sights of a pistol. You see, it's all about order...

    Seriously though, you never pull your piece out in public unless you need to use it. This guy was definitely not paying attention in his CONCEALED and carry class.

  3. No Silence of the lambs reference to be found... damn, there goes that streak...

    Wait... James Gumb... gum.. gun.. gunning for trouble... Janie's got a gun.. Jaime.. Ah ha!
    James Gumb = Jaime Gun!
    I knew it!

  4. OP, you should have been thrilled. We can't all go out with Walter Sobchack! You were clearly over the line.


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