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READY FOR THTO BEST MAN. Hello ladies! Newly single with that fresh mint feeling comes ME.

HERE I AM!!! I will sweep you off your feet and be the man of your dreams. Seriously. Not a complaint from my exes. One of them went insane (now in permanent asylum) and the other dead? ASK ME ANYTHING.

I am just back from a long trip after my last relationship ended. Now I am back and ready to roll with whatever comes my way. My emailbox is always full so you can try to email me but there's a long list! Trot out with the ladies!


  1. "ASK ME ANYTHING." Okaaaaayyyy.... He drove one crazy and murdered the other one. Well, maybe murdered, hence the question mark. She was still breathing when he left but that knife sticking out of her chest wasn't doing her any favors.

  2. INSANE, but totally not my fault! Other DEAD, also totally not my fault!

    RANDOM capital SENTENCES for EMPHASIS! Because I'm MINTY!

  3. Sometimes I think I've had a stroke when I try to read some of these posted Emails.

  4. ^Do you smell burning toast or oranges?


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