Worth Talking To

Email Sent in by Bobby:

Hi Bobby.

Don't quite know how to say this but every profile photo on your profile makes you look like a different person. Here is one where you are in a tshirt. Here is one in a suit. Here is one with soccer ball. Here you are white. Here you look black. Can you make up your mind? Don't know how I'm supposed to know what you look like since every photo is like of someone else. Which photo is really you Bobby? Sorry don't mean to be superficial but it would help me find out if you're worth talking to. Awaiting your reply very soon.



(Bobby says, "I have and have only ever had one profile photo.")


  1. Joy wants your closet to look like this. That would be helpful.

  2. I'm picturing a chick who did a search for someone named Bobby, but is totally confused about why there is more than one result. I hope she sent this email to all of them.

  3. ^ You encapsulated this woman's mentality perfectly.

  4. LOL@Ladydyani ! Agreed, Architect.


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