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A Bad Case of the Dates has been happy to receive your bad date stories, sketchy emails, and peculiar profiles. I’ve updated the site without fail every day - Christmas, New Year’s, your birthday, my birthday - since September 2009. I love the stories and I love the readers. Aww.

I don’t love ads. They can be bothersome. They can flash. They can (and likely will) shove your least-favorite presidential candidate into your face. Ad blockers may work but they make the site look wonky and if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s wonkiness.

On the other hand, A Bad Case of the Dates incurs costs for upkeep, maintenance, and server space. You also may not know that we have to tamp down on cuss words in the stories (land sakes!) as the ad network is contextual-based and will pull ads if it detects such things in the posts. Lame.

So here’s a thought: I’m mulling a switch to an ad-free donation model. The idea would be to strike all graphical and text ads* from the site and put up in their stead a little GoFundMe (or similar) widget. If every person reading this would toss in only $5/year (that’s slightly over $0.01/day), then I can’t imagine having to put up graphical ads ever again. Ever. The site would load faster, look cleaner, and all of us at ABCotD HQ agree that you’ll become 300% more attractive.

Before I make a trial of the plan, I wanted to run it by you (please comment below), since you’re my readers and I greatly appreciate you. After all: a bad date might rob you of your dignity, but A Bad Case of the Dates is always, always here for you. <3


*I'll make an exception (for free!) if you're working on a cool, artsy project. I like promoting indie artists, musicians, filmmakers, plate-spinners, etc.

Would you kick in $5/year to keep the Bad Dates flowing?


  1. As an everyday reader, you can have my 5 bucks:)

  2. I'm here just about every day, more than happy to donate!

  3. I'll kick in $10. This site has been a source of laughter and comfort for me for years. It's the least I can do Jarrrrred.

    Also, I'm going to be thinking about that Palin pic all day! LMAO

  4. Even better, to me, would be to buy some merch which you make $5 profit on. But the site deserves money one way or another. I would be very sad if it went away!

  5. As an every day lurker, and a minimal commentor, I'd be happy to toss you a bone just to see the amount of degenerates still in the dating pool.

  6. I've been reading for 4 years ( and during a spell of unemployment read every single back story, as well). I'd definitely pay up!

  7. Absolutely. Hours of entertainment here

  8. I like this idea Jarrred. This could take you in a whole new direction. You can finally make ABCotD your dream job! You could just spend all day reading stories and waiting on pins and needles for our witty comments. I'm just so excited for you!


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