The Best Laid Pants

Story Sent in by David:

The photos on Ann's profile made her look cute, but the pants she wore on our date were just a few sizes too small for her. The only thing I was able to think about when we sat down for lunch was the amount of trouble she'd have pulling them off later on.

Conversation went well and we enjoyed our lunch. We even split a dessert. But shortly before the check arrived, she excused herself to use the restroom.

She didn't come back after a little while but I paid the check and waited patiently. Soon she texted me, "Can we switch pants?"

It was an unusual request. I wrote back, "What's going on?"

She replied, "Pass me ur pants and I'll pass u mine. Need to switch right now."

It was a novel way for me to work my way into a woman's pants, and I wished that she had given me more information. But she clearly needed help, so I made my way to the hallway where the bathrooms were and knocked on the door to the women's room.

A few moments later she emerged still in her pants but with a red face. "I'm sorry. I need to go home now," she said.

She apologized a few more times and even offered to pay for her own dinner. I turned her down for that but was curious about what had happened in the bathroom that had given her the idea to request that we switch pants.

When we made it to the parking lot she booked it for her car, so I never found out.


  1. She's a guy and got...ahem...caught in the zipper?

  2. Maybe you could have offered her some words of comfort through the crack in the bathroom door. Maybe offered a few reassuring observations?

  3. She had trouble getting her pants back up. This is especially hard with jeans on a hot day.

    Why she thought you would have an easier time is the question. Was she that much bigger than you?

  4. Sounds like she couldn't get them down and had an accident.

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