Old Flame

Email Sent in by Roger:

Hi Roger,

That sounds like a really romantic evening! A cool twist on an old favorite. Let me tell you my idea of a perfect first date:

We are in front of a fireplace with a fire. There is champagne in our glasses and we toast to me. Then right before we kiss an errant spark flies up out of the fireplace and sets me on fire! I scream and turn and yell and you try to put me out but it's no use. With my last moments I see the police taking you away for the murder of burning me. :P

I'd love to meet you. Maybe something like tea (have you heard of Harriet's? It's on State and Brisby - they have 100s of teas) to start. Let me know what you're thinking.



  1. Bloodninja forever.

    (This reminds me of the one between Sweetheart and Wellhung.)

  2. This person actually sounds kind of funny. I don't think it deserves bad case of the dates status. If she didn't have the emoticon or a something to indicate that she was kidding, I could have thought differently, but it's a bit obvious that she was being playful.

    1. Also, we didn't get Roger's first date story:

      "I imagine us taking a moonlit stroll on the beach. Feeling out toes sink into the soft wet sand. You bend over to pick up a beautiful sea shell and as you hold it up to the faint light to examine it, I charge at you and hurl you into the ocean where sharks eat you. :-P"

  3. I'd like to see Roger's initial email that this chick was replying to. If it's anything like others on this site, she had the perfect response.


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