At Least

Story Sent in by Elizabeth:

I was a bit surprised when William showed up to the date wearing a bulging blue and yellow fanny pack. He was otherwise well dressed, making his accessory choice even more blatant. I assumed that he kept his wallet and keys in there, but when he paid for our coffees, I was surprised to find that he kept his wallet in his pocket.

I thanked him and we sat down. Not too long into the conversation, when I felt comfortable enough to indulge my curiosity, I asked, "What's in the fanny pack?"

He stood up and unzipped it. It was loaded with what I at first thought were teabags in multicolored packages. But they weren't teabags at all. They were condoms.

"Oh my God!" I said.

"You asked," he replied, then sat back down without zipping his fanny pack back up.

Reflecting that he must have had at least a hundred of them in his pack, I asked, "How much action are you expecting?"

He asked, "How much you got?"

We both had a great laugh over that. And while he sweet-talked me into going to third base with him in his car, at least he went home with the same amount of rubbers that he had when he arrived.


  1. Where do you even get a fanny pack these days? Oh, I know, the 90's.

    1. Ebay dude. You can buy everything on ebay.

  2. Smooth. And hey, third base for the price of a coffee.. not bad for him.


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