Pecs from Heaven

Profile Sent in by Ricki:

About me:

I'm always up for a good time. Do whatever wherever. It's a good motto and I just am who I am. What you see is what you get. I'm me you're you and we can be who we be.

I get lots of emails about my profile pics. Yes they're all real. I work out a lot and my pectorals are second only to Christ. He died so you can read this and so I could work out. I have no problem at all with who you are if you are gay or straight or white or blue. No issue. My pecs are real. What else? Look at my profile pics and decide for yourself.


  1. Didn't know Jesus was known for his pecs. When he lifted the disease from the sickly, was that 200lbs?

    "Does thou even lift, my brother?"

    1. You don't know about Jesus's totally sick pecs? Obviously you need to read the bible more. How else do you think Jesus got off the cross after being resurrected?

  2. Are fake pecs a thing? Do people go around asking people if their pecs are fake? Can someone email this guy and ask him? I'm not sure if his are fake or not.


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