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Story Sent in by Paul:

Not terribly long into my date with Michelle, she looked deeply into my eyes over a couple of drinks. I thought she was trying to have a moment until she said, "You lied about your eyes. You said on your profile they were brown."

"They are brown," I informed her. And they are. It's true.

"They're more of a greenish-yellow, if you ask me."

I was taken aback. "I wasn't even aware that eyes could be greenish-yellow. I'm pretty sure mine are brown."

She called to the bartender, "Excuse me! Can you come here for a second?" He did and she pointed at me. "Can you tell me what color his eyes are?"

The bartender looked at my eyes and said, "Brown."

Michelle slammed down her mostly unfinished drink, said, "Then you two deserve each other. I hope you both catch conjunctivitis," and stormed out.

I hurriedly dug into my pocket for the cash to pay the tab and I ran out after her. But she was already long gone.

That night I spent an extra-long time looking in the mirror to make sure that my eyes were really brown. Just kidding! I went right to bed secure in the knowledge of my eye color and that Michelle was totally off her rocker.


  1. Is this the same girl who thought her date's eyes were gold in a previous story?

  2. I like how she wished Pink-Eye on you both like it was some kind of STD.

  3. Wow, some people are really picky. Can someone photoshop up some greenish-yellow eyes? I think she may have been trying to say hazel.

    ^Pink-eye is horrible.

  4. ^ I think this is the color she was talking about. My baby girl LOVES this color!

  5. Replies
    1. I told myself, "Don't look if there's another reply - just...don't...look." Of course I did, Fizziks. I shall think of you if I have freaky images in my head while I'm trying to fall asleep tonight. sheez

    2. I think that you can count your blessings if im perfectly honest with you.


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