What Women Don't Want

Story Sent in by Shelby:

At dinner with Nick we talked about online dating. I took a lighthearted approach but he came off as bitter. He rattled off a list of women who had wronged him and how they had wronged him and how he was always a victim and so on.

After not too long, it became clear that he definitely had some resentment issues and I wasn't really feeling it. Once he had finished a tirade he took a breath and said, "You've been quiet."

"I'm just taking it all in. You've had some really bum luck."

"Yeah. Women suck. All of them."

I said, "All of them? Really?"

He looked me full in the face and said, "All of them. Especially you."


"You're a woman, aren't you?"

"I am."

"Can you prove it?"

I didn't say anything to that and he finally capitulated, "You're just like all the others."

So I assume I became one more "horrible woman experience" on his list because we didn't go out again. Even after he called me the next morning to ask me out a second time. Nope. No way.


  1. Why would her treat her that way and then ask her out for a SECOND DATE?

  2. ^ His shoes were dirty and he was looking for a good door mat?


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