Watch Out

Story Sent in by Boris:

After spending a little less than an hour at lunch with Valerie, I noticed that she had a watch on both of her wrists. I asked her about it.

She asked me, "Haven't you ever noticed that having two watches makes time run slower?"

I said, "I've never worn two watches at once, so I guess I wouldn't be able to tell if time would seem to run slower as a result."

"No, no. Not seem to run slower. Actually run slower. Like, noticeably."

"Oh. No."

"It's because when there are more clocks in close proximity, time actually runs a bit slower. General relativity."

"Is that how general relativity works?"


"I see."

I started talking slower and she laughed at that. Then a minute or so later, she checked both of her watches, said, "Time to go!" and left me there with most of her food and ultimately the check. I don't know where she was off to in a hurry, but I certainly won't be calling her for a second date anytime soon. Or late, as the case may be.


  1. Clocks are like magnets, nobody knows how they work.

  2. That's what happens when you date a timelord.

  3. Her theory is valid. When I wear a watch I'm constantly looking at it to check the time and time moves much slower. If I had 2 watches I could check them twice as much and time would move even slower still. Maybe if I wore enough watches time would actually start going backwards?

  4. ^ I find when I'm at work, and I check the clock, it is actually moving backwards. No other way to explain how 8 hours could feel like 37.


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