Metal Head

Story Sent in by Eliana:

Sean took me out to dinner and while we are our meals he pointed behind me and asked, "Isn't that someone you know?"

I glanced behind myself and looked back quickly. "I don't think so."

"You missed her. There she is!" he said.

I checked again. There was a handful of people at the bar but no one I knew was there. When I looked back, there was something small and dark in my pasta that I was positive hadn't been there a second ago. I picked it out. It was a tiny metal sliver, like a piece of something. I put it down on my napkin.

"That sucks," Sean said, "I hate finding metal in my food."

"Did you put it in there?" I asked him. I couldn't see how else it could've just appeared.

He said, "Yeah."

I asked, "Why on earth would you do that?"

He said, "Be right back," and left the table.

When he came back he told me, "I just paid the check. Goodnight," and he left abruptly with no further explanation. What an ass.


  1. He wanted to steel your heart but I don't think he understood the concept.

  2. Probably should have called the police, to be honest

  3. Probably should have called the police, to be honest

  4. WTF was he hoping to accomplish?


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