And Our Last Name is Lannister

Story Sent in by Mark:

After my first date ended with Rose, I had a good feeling about her and planned to call her up the next day to ask her out again. But as I prepared to go to bed that night, she texted me a photo of her legs. I thought it was just her being playful, so I texted her back a photo of my feet.

Not to be outdone, she texted me a photo of her right arm. I texted her back my fingers.

She texted me an elbow. I texted her a knee.

She texted me a penis. I texted her...

Hang on.

I wrote her, "Ha! Funny. Not yours I hope."

No response. I went to bed a little unnerved, but not terribly worried.

The next morning she still hadn't responded and I called her with the main intent to ask her out again and the secondary intent to clarify the photo she sent the night before. It went to voicemail. I wasn't going to make a pest of myself so I opted to wait until she called me back.

Late in the day she texted me, "Hahahahaha! No that wasn't mine. ;)"

I had figured as much. She had probably downloaded it as a joke, but it was nice to have confirmation. I was in the midst of texting her back when she followed it up with, "It was my twin's."

That's right. She did have a twin brother. I erased whatever I had been writing and sent her, "Why would you send me your twin's penis?"

She didn't reply to that text, to my voicemail, or to anything else, ever again.


  1. OP just blew his chance at that threesome with twins he'd been dreaming about since he was 15, and all because of a detail. Pedant.

  2. He could have done it with her on their bed of trash while her twin watched. Twice.


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