Some Are Held for Charity, Some for Fancy Dress

Story Sent in by Kari:

I like to play pool and so Adam took me out to a billiards place. In the middle of the game, he picked up two balls from the table and held them down by his crotch. "Check out my balls," he said.

"Put those back!" I nearly yelled.

He put them back on the table next to each other, nowhere near where they had been before his stupid stunt. "That's not where they were," I chided him.

"I don't remember where they were."

I groaned and put them back approximately where they had been. As I did, he laughed. I asked him, "What's funny?"

He said, "You're touching my balls!" and laughed some more. Oh, what fun.

We played a couple more turns when he said, "My actual balls are nothing like these. They're bigger."

"Can we just finish this game?"

"I want to show you my balls. And my friends' balls. Would that be cool?"

"Look, I'm really not into that right now."

"But my balls."

"I'm sure they're massive. But we'll talk about them later."

I had wanted to play a couple of games, but I was ready to leave right then and there. But we finished the game (I won) and I made a quick exit.


  1. Yeah he was acting like a 12 year old douchebag, but OP could have been a little nicer.

  2. OP could have left after the first balls comment but she wanted to crush his balls in a game of pool. Well done OP.

    Also, I think I saw this guy and his friends going down the street yesterday.

    Ok, wait, one more: The Ball (That one's for you JMG)

  3. Thanks, Archie. That did me good.

  4. I think OP was taking the competition of the game a little too seriously for a first date.

    ""Put those back!" I nearly yelled.


    But yeah, the guy's still a douchebag.

  5. In a perfect world, this is how OP would have played it;



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