Recipe for Disaster

Story Sent in by Wesley:

There was a great sandwich place in my neighborhood and I took Jennifer there for date numero uno. We ordered our meals and when they came to the table, she engulfed her food so quickly, I thought she had secretly entered some sort of competition.

I said, "Wow. You were hungry."

"I still am!"

She stood, went up to the counter, and ordered again. She sat down and said, "That was great! I ordered more fries!"

The fries arrived and she gobbled them all without offering me any. I wasn't too miffed about it, although I was astonished at how much she could pack away. Then she burped long and loud.

"Excuse me!" she said, "Can you believe how good the food is, here? I'm gonna ask them for their recipes!"

She stood again and headed up to the counter. I couldn't hear everything she said to the cashier, but she spent a longer time talking to him than she had to me at that point. There was laughter and smiles and she finally wrote something down on a napkin and passed it to him.

When she returned to the table I asked her, "Did he tell you the recipes?"

She laughed, "Oh, no. I didn't even ask him. But I gave him my number!" and she giggled again.

"That's great."

"He's really cute."

"That's great. Hey, I was thinking that I should go, so we can go ahead and split this."

She looked at me as if all of a sudden I was the rude one. "Oh. Um... sure! Okay. Yeah. Split this. Yeah. Um... okay. Let's see. I don't have any cash. So..."

"Do you have a credit card?"


"You can use that!"

"I... guess. That's pretty rude of you, isn't it?"

I said, "Maybe. But at least you got another guy's number, so it's not a total loss for you."

"I... guess."

So we split it and went our separate ways. Thank goodness.


  1. OP, for the WIN! Hate chicks like this. Went on a date with one once. Let's see if Tourist can dig up the story ;-)

  2. Here's a hint, never ask for a guy's number when you're on a date. It's not a good thing and that's pretty rude.

    1. I weep for the future of humanity that there are people that need to be told things like this.


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