Holy Shirt

Story Sent in by Glen:

On my first date with Roseline, she showed up to the cafe wearing a blouse that looked like an explosion in a paint factory. It was maybe silk and had more colors on it than I knew existed.

After we sat and spoke for maybe a minute, she asked me, "Do you like my blouse?"

I said, "Yeah. It's really colorful."

She stood and said, "Excuse me a moment," and made for the bathroom with her purse.

When she came back she was wearing a plain white blouse and threw the colorful shirt into my lap. She said, "Then you wear it. Sayonara." She left and I never heard from her again.


  1. This is a test of the emergency crazy bitch system. If this had been an actual crazy bitch, you would have been stabbed with a fork and strangled with that technicolor vomit shirt. I repeat, this is only a test.

    OP, she knew the shirt was hideous. She asked if you liked it to see if you'd lie to her, thus setting the tone for the rest of your relationship. Or, bitches be crazy, yo.

  2. Oh yeah sure, I went off in a daze from Arnold singing, and thought, "Okay one more..." and laughed louder than I thought I could laugh. I love this -- "This is a test of the emergency crazy bitch system..." I'm taking my smile with me to do some otherwise dull chores now --- thanks :) !

  3. Glad I could brighten your day La Mar :-)


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