Or Someone Else's. I'm Not Picky.

Story Sent in by Belinda:

On my second date with Henry he took me to the movies. While we sat next to each other in the theater he kept trying to cop a feel. I moved his hand away as politely as possible but he kept trying it.

Finally after the third time, I ripped his hand away from my chest (there were kids in the theater! I mean, come on) and said, "Will you stop it?"

He gave me a hateful look and said, "Why else do you have boobs?" He grabbed for them again but I hit him away and stormed out, all the way back to my car.

On my way home, he texted, "Come back. We'll start over. Bring your boobs."

I didn't.


  1. Yeah OP, they don't call them "Fun Bags" for nothing. I mean it's not like they serve any purpose what so ever like producing food for infants or anything. Get over yourself OP and let your date treat you like he treats his mom and sister.


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