Cold Chocolate

Story Sent in by Andres:

When I found Mary's profile, I have to admit that I was amazed that she wasn't taken. She was beautiful by any standard and her profile essays sounded like an exact fit for me. Hoping she'd feel the same, I wrote her and we had a great correspondence.

After talking for about 10 days I asked her out to a bar I liked. They made a great spiked hot chocolate and it was the dead of winter.

On our way to the bar we walked by a park and we had an impromptu snowball fight. There was laughing and dodging and screaming and a good time, so I thought.

We sat in the bar for a long while and had those aforementioned hot chocolates. They were delicious and we passed the time in no great hurry. We talked and the conversation never stopped. I had a good feeling from it and nothing appeared amiss.

As we were heading out, I grabbed a hot chocolate to go and led her outside. I then poured a bit of it on some nearby snow and made spiked hot chocolate snow cones (minus the cones) for us. She seemed delighted with it and asked for the to-go cup of hot chocolate so that she could make some of her own.

Instead of pouring the drink onto the snow, she splashed it all into my face. It was pretty warm by then and not super hot. Still, I yelled and wiped it off as quickly as possible. As for Mary, she ran off as fast as she could. I was stunned. If she wasn't having fun, she could've just told me instead of trying to give me first-degree burns. Of course, I never spoke with her again.


  1. How does hot chocolate snow cones without the cone work, exactly? Does this mean OP scooped some dirty snow off the side of the road and poured a hot liquid over it so he was left holding a handful of dripping, melting, brown snow?

    I mean, throwing the drink in OPs face wasn't really called for (unless there was something else going on the OP left out) but I don't blame the girl for not wanting to be part of that unhygienic mess.

  2. He doesn't say a thing about dirty roadside snow. He said she seemed delighted. And throwing a hot drink in someone's face is never really called for. Were we reading the same story?

  3. Maybe OP told her that if she liked his brown snow, he'd make her some yellow snow next?

  4. He said he poured it on nearby snow. He may not have said dirty roadside snow but I'll admit my first thought was, "Ew." I can't speak for anyone else but I've never been tempted to eat the snow outside of a bar.

    Doesnt excuse her actions in the slightest but you can't honestly think that assuming the snow might not have been all that clean is a stretch.


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