At Least You'll Be Moist

Profile Sent in by Delia:

The six things I could never do without:

1. Books. Lots of them.
2. My stuffed giraffe.
Second number 2. My bed.
Third number 2. My grandmother's rosary.
3. A short haircut.
4. Lots of moisturizer.
5. Dance!
6. The sinking feeling that I'm a 90 year old man in a 22 year old woman's body.
Second number 6. My divorce.


  1. Wow, #6 gave me a really bad visual. A 22 year old woman in a mini skirt with 90-year-old droopy man balls hanging out the bottom.

    *drinks copious amounts of alcohol to kill the brain cells that came up with that image*

    Ahh, that's better.


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