He Always Goes Down with the Ship

Story Sent in by Leah:

I'm not a sports fan by any stretch. So when I found out that a guy on my college football team was into me, I had reservations at first. His name was Dennis and I gave him the benefit of the doubt. He went out of his way to charm me through thoughtful emails and he even sent me flowers.

On our first date he took me to a really nice restaurant near campus and after the meal we went on a walk. We sat on a bench and kissed for a little bit and then he put his hands under my blouse and tried to remove it.

It was late and hardly anyone was around. But we were still in public. I nudged his hands away and he said, "Wanna come with me to the locker room? I can get in 24 hours."

I said, "Maybe some other time."

He said, "Come on. You can tell everyone you did it with the captain of the football team."

For the record, Dennis was not the captain of the team, a fact that I reminded him of when I said, "You're not the captain."

He replied, "I know. But I can get him to meet us there by the time we arrive. You, me... and the captain."

"The... three of us?"

He said, "Yeah. It'll be a night you can tell the grandkids about," then reached under my shirt again.

I slid away from him and said, "Not tonight. I'm really tired."

"Are you sure? It's no biggie for me to call the captain."

"No thank you."

I hurried home and never went out with Dennis again.


  1. What a classy guy. Hey do you wanna have sex with me and another guy in the dirty smelly locker room? That's about one step up from a portapotty.

  2. Oh no! The Devil's threeway! I always knew there was more to that pat-on-the-ass thing sports players do.

  3. I bet you this was planned all along. The date was just an attempt to butter her up to the idea of a threesome.

  4. I bet you he wanted to sleep with the captain all along. The girl was just an attempt to butter him up so that the guy could turn the threesome into a twosome.

  5. It's never pretty when fellows think with their "lowers"


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