Lucky Hair

Email Sent in by Jonathan:

(Jonathan says: "I got this message after I wrote Cynthia once with a standard, friendly hi-and-how-are-you message.")


You messaged me. Why?

So I guess you want to know about me. My profile is self explanatory and I don't see what was unclear. Maybe the part about me liking hiking? It means I like walks. Maybe the part about me skydiving? It means I like jumping out of planes. Maybe the part about soccer? It means I like to kick balls. Not sure what was unclear about that.

I'd write you back but I am too busy. Not too interested so you get this form response. As you know many guys write to me and I simply do not have the time to write them all. I am too busy washing my hair or blowing my hair or brushing my hair or take your pick. Sorry-not-sorry. Further inquiries will be auto deleted. That's too bad for you and yet still somehow good news for me.



  1. Yes, OP, too bad for you to miss out on dating this lovely, self absorbed twat. Better luck next time!

  2. It's almost like watching someone play-acting out a scene of an awful person who she wishes she had the position to be. What a strange time when people aspire to be so low.

  3. Look, it annoys me too when people ignore my profile, but the least you can is not be nasty about it.

  4. I was done after "It means I like to kick balls." Enough said.

  5. It's nice when they show you the bitchy right off, so you don't waste any time on them.


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