They're All Under Invisibility Cloaks

Profile Sent in by Thurman:

About Me:

Just on here looking for a normal guy. Normal guys? Hello? You on here? Anyone normal on here? Hellooooo? Normal guys? Where are you? Echo... echo... echo.......... cho........ cho..............

Why isn't anyone answering me? Could it be because all normal guys are gone? Or maybe they never existed? Like the dinosaurs? Who really knows one way or the other? Maybe I'll have to learn to be content with it. But really I just think that there aren't any for whatever reason. Since I started writing this I havent received a single message from anyone much less a normal guy. Must be something wrong with the site. Or with guys. You know the fact that there just aren't any normal ones left. Hello? Hello? Anyone there? Echo.... echo....... cho...... cho..... Cho-Chang---


  1. I actually think this one's kinda funny! The Cho-Chang thing at the end just made it perfect.

  2. A woman who doubts the existence of dinosaurs: what a catch!

  3. Also, no one can respond to a profile you are still typing. Kinda how this internets thing works.


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