Whoops! I Thought You Were My Blog.

Email Sent in by Larry:

Hi Larry,

Sorry it's taken me so long to write back. It was the prunes. Thank you for writing!

As for my favorite authors I'm in LOVE with Toni Morrison and am a HUGE Cher fan. How about you? My undergrad's in creative writing and I'm taking voice classes at Emory. Would you mind holding this for me? Thanks. I just have to run to the toilet. Women throughout history have called it "powdering their nose" but who really powders their nose? Sounds like code for doing coke. Never tried coke. Except for once in college. It wasn't even that great. I don't see what the thrill is all about.

Today I'm feeling like my head is full of rocks and I don't know why. Could be that I didn't sleep well last night. Or residual reactions to that coke I tried once in college. I don't even remember much about that night but I woke up with drawings all over me. What is it with guys using women's bodies as canvases without their permission? Not like I could finger anyone for it. It was a loud and full party. I guess I was lucky I woke up with my pants still on. Although some of the drawings were under my pants... hmmmmmmmm.......

Thanks for listening. xo,


  1. Oh, it's happened. Chunky Horse has a blog/dating profile.

  2. This is the kind of email you get from a Crystal, Tiffani, or an Amber. Just dripping with crazy. You know they are going to be fun in the sack but that's going to come at a huge cost.

  3. I am surprised she didn't list James Joyce's Ulysses as one of her favorite books


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