Inhale and Hearty

Story Sent in by Madison:

When I met Tony (who I had first met online), we were out in public, in front of a mall. He gave me a huge hug, squeezed tight, and farted.

I squirmed to pull away from him but he held tight and said, "Inhale. It's okay."

I finally shoved him away and he laughed it off. Later on that evening, after we had dinner, he gave me another hug and farted again.

He held me tight once more and said, "Inhale, inhale."

I did nothing of the sort and tore away from him a second time. "Will you stop that?" I asked him. He just laughed.

Finally, we went to an arcade and played some skeeball. As I prepared to roll, he hugged me from behind and farted again. "Inhale! It's okay! Inhale!"

I elbowed him and said, "Date's over. Adios."

He called after me, saying he was just kidding and asking me to come back. But he couldn't stop laughing and I had had enough of him.


  1. After someone did something that immature, why would you stick around? Especially someone hugging you when you've just met them in person for the first time. I smell a dinner whore...

  2. Bad on you, OP. You should have learned to love the gas.

  3. I guess she wanted to give him a chance. But if it were me, I would have been out of there as soon as he showed me the disgusting


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