Check Again

Story Sent in by Gary:

It was a nice surprise when Yolanda asked me out to dinner and offered to pay. But when the check came, she just sat and didn't make a move.

After an awkwardly long while of not-paying the check, I asked her, "Ready to do the check?"

She said, "Sure. Go for it."

I said, "I'm fine splitting it, but you told me that you were picking it up."

She said, "That was just to get you out with me. You think I meant it? I'm a woman! I don't pay on dates."

I said, "We're splitting it."

She said, "Make me."

I grabbed it and left the table. Finding the waiter, I gave him my half of the bill and told him that my "date" would settle up the other half. Then I left.

Shortly thereafter, she left me a nasty voicemail asking me what kind of a man I was, telling me that I was very likely no man at all, and that I'd go through life alone because I wasn't man enough to take responsibility for my actions.

Sure. Whatever. If that's how she defines being a man, I can live with it. But she was certainly no lady.


  1. I think our definition of a dinner whore is a woman who stays on a bad date because the other person is paying for it.

  2. Dinner whore with a TWIST! Tells the guy she'll pay to get him in the door, then tries to awkward him into paying the check! *narrows eyes* Gutsy move Dinner Whore, gutsy move.


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