A Goddess Among Us

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About Me:

What can I say? I'm a teacher by day, goddess by night. My students do not know it by I am a ranked member of the elite goddes squad. When we go to the city the men all pay tribute to us and buy us drinks and we have a great time. I never want it to end! But then stupid Monday comes and I have to pretend that i like being with the little kids and having them smear filthy germs and handprints all over me. I feel used and disgusted. But at night I am who I am supposed to be.

Teaching is what I wound up doing because I didn't know what I wanted to do in college and didn't want to become some dumb liberal arts major. I friend of mine was a liberal arts major and she basically scrubs toilets in city parks now. Ahahahahahahahaha! Not me though. I am a goddess of the night.

It is a good time to tell you that I want to find a partner who I can have fun with. Someone who will be into the "real" me. Lots of guys pretend and playthe game but few are who I would call active worshippers. For that you need to really earn it and I am ready to grant you an audience. Donty mistake my kindness for an excuse to make me part my legs. Will NOT happen. Will NEVER happen. I am the goddess. I am the goddess of night.

If you are terrified by this then you are 99% of the men on this site and I have no use for you. You will be eaten alive. For the rare 1%, there is also a 99% of the 1% who will not make it. Sorry. But for the 1% of the 1% (0.1% for the math people) then we will see where the night takes us but only I will lead us there. No tag team specials.


  1. I don't know what I find funnier: the ending to most of her paragraphs or the random "no tag teams".

    The "I am the goddess" thing is funny when you read it in a low gravelly voice. "I am the goddess... I am perfection...I...Am BATMAN"

  2. 1% of 1% is 0.01%. She may be a goddess, but she knows sod-all about maths.

  3. "Goddess" = "Whiny b!tch who never takes responsibility for her own choices and who thinks the world owes her for existing."

  4. What's to bet she's so self-absorbed that she'll blame her lack of biters on being "too much" for most men to handle.

  5. ^^^^^ Yes, to everything above.

    Also, I'm willing to bet she goes around with a set of fake vampire teeth glued onto her incisors.

  6. Plot twist: this is Nicholas Cafe's dating profile.

  7. It scares me to think that this woman is tasked with educating children. Not only is she pissing in the dating pool, she's probably screwing up her students too.


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