Don't Do Me Any Flavors

Story Sent in by Elizabeth:

I was out to dinner on a first date with Orlando and we ordered drinks. Red wine for me and a vodka tonic for him. After they arrived we sipped at them and talked for a little bit.

Not too long into the conversation, he pointed behind me and asked, "What do you suppose that is?"

I turned around to look at what he was pointing at and turned back to him just in time to catch him pouring something from a small vial into my drink.

"What the hell is that?" I asked him, on guard at once.

He said, "Just flavoring."

"Uh... then you drink it."

He laughed and said, "No."

I said, "If it's just flavoring, then I'd like to see you take a sip."

He said, "I don't like wine. You drink it."

"I think I'll order another one."

He said, "Fine, but I'm not paying for it. But I'll pay for this one if you drink it."

I gathered my things and said, "How about you pay for both drinks and I leave?"

Without waiting for a response, that's just what I did. He texted me, "Come back," a few times before he sent me a final text: "I ended up drinking your wine (with the flavoring). It was really good and if you had only tried it we could have had such a great time together."

Nothing could make me imagine any sort of "great time" with that guy.


  1. He turned your wine into rapefruit juice

  2. She should have called the police right on the spot !

  3. Mr Kikkeli for the WIN!

    "Great Time" = You needing a rape kit and a full STD work-up.

  4. Yeah, flavoring, like I have wings. Good call, OP, not to drink the stuff and to leave.

  5. Thanks for not calling the cops, so he can continue to do this without consequence. You've done a great public service.

    1. They wouldn't have been able to convict him. He could've said she'd put it in there to frame him, or he could've spilled it before they could take it to a lab.

  6. I'm glad I wasn't the only one hoping for that...


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