Lazy Is as Lazy Does

Profile Sent in by Josie:

First Date

Dinner & movie is so overdone. Why do so many women like dinner & movie? I'll tell you why. Because it enables them to eat and be lazy and I am no enabler. Instead we will work on my date. We will drive out of town and find a place to pick apples or boysenberries (that is a real berry look it up) and you will pick me fruit. No lazing about on my dates. I'm surrounded by all the lazy womenfolk I need. I want us to work. Once the picking is finished we will see who has worked the most and the most hard worker between us two will receive a prize.

The prize will be a thing of my choosing and I make no promises as to what it is. Something involving a physical activity because if you are reading this you are already probably too lazy. Maybe dinner & a movie.


  1. Sounds like his idea of a good 2nd date is having her build him a pyramid.

  2. I bet you anything this guy is wondering why he's not getting any replies to his message. This guy either sounds like a control freak or cheap.

  3. "I'm surrounded by all the lazy womenfolk I need."

    That would be his mom. Bringing him food down to his basement room and doing his laundry for him.

  4. So "boysenberries" are a real thing then? Wow, this guy is so exotic and well-traveled!

    And speaking of all the lazy womenfolk: MOM! THE MEATLOAF!


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