No Apology Necessary

Email Sent in by Paul

Dear Paul:

I have had a nice time speaking and going out with you but I have met someone else on this site and I want to see where it goes. Sorry is this is any disappointment to you. I had a nice time with you and I hope we can keep things professional between us. Do not be one of those guys who stays my friend in hopes that I will one day recant and break up with this new guy and then turn to you for solace and love. I do not want to keep you waiting. Would be unfair to you or me. I know we had three good dates together and I will cherish them for the rest of my lives. If you want to know why I chose him over you it has less to do with the way the world works and more to do with your chest. I have now seen both you and he without shirts and I can finally safely say that I do not like hairy chests/nipples on a man. Again I am sorry if this comes across as a major disappointment. If you need someone to talk to I suggest finding someone who can understand. Sorry again.



  1. Again I have to refer back to this video to know what a woman look for in a hot guy. At 3:46

  2. So she basically wants to be with a woman.

  3. Come on,Jared! To date,i have submitted two stories that are PURE GOLD(one in which i was PHYSICALLY ATTACKED by a girl) and you keep passing me over and instead publishing boring crap like this?! I have a real gift for meeting crazies,and i guarantee your readers would love to hear my tales of woe!

  4. I have a backlog of about two and a half years' worth in the pipeline. Get off my nuts.

  5. Look at it this way: at least she didn't string you along. Was kinda shitty, though, bringing up things you don't like about the person as the reason.

  6. @ JMG - <3

    "Damnit Marsha! Marsha MARSHA MARSHA!"

  7. I would have responded, "who is this again? "


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