Hear Me Roar

Story Sent in by Kasey:

On my first date out with Thomas, we were both a little tipsy. He ordered us another round even though I told him I was at my absolute limit. While we waited for it, he asked me if I was a "Tigress between the sheets."

I laughed at him and said, "More like a pussycat."

He said, "Ooh. You'll have to show me sometime. You know how like those lion tamers put their heads in lions' mouths? Well I have a head to put in your mouth, if you know what I mean. You know what I mean?"

Slightly drunk, yes. Slightly retaining some dignity, also yes. I told him, "Let's not talk about this. We just met."

"Do you know what I mean, though? Did what I said make sense?"


"I was talking about putting my wiener into your mouth."

"Got it. Thanks."

"Don't thank me, yet. I haven't done it. You'd better be a tigress. Just like you said you'd be."

"Okay. Change in topic."

We talked a little more about God-knows-what when after a little bit longer I decided to go. I stood up and grabbed my stuff.

Thomas then leaped up, grabbed my shoulders, and gave me a strong shake. "Tigress lady! Tigress lady! Yeaaaaaah!"

It was startling and I smacked him hard in the face to make him let go. He fell backward as if I had punched a hole through him. I didn't even hit him that hard! But I was aware that we were attracting attention and so I booked it out of there as quickly as possible.

He didn't follow me (thank God) and that was the end of my eventful evening.


  1. I was thinking more "wink wink, nudge nudge".

  2. ^ Damn, that would have been a better link. Good call Andrea.

  3. ^ I was at the show in London last year and happen to be there on the night of the mustache incident.

    And back to the post: I sure hope Thomas found his tigeress, and if not, at least a good guy-buddy like this guy so they can work on their subtlety and symbology together.

  4. I was thinking of this guy.



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