I Am up for Anything

Profile Sent in by Allan:

First Date

I am up for anything! But I'm not too into sports so you'll be doing that on your own. Also not too into ethnic foods. All so spicy! And right now it's too cold out (unless you're in the south hemisphere - in which case you're too far away to be seriously dating me) so we should probably stick indoors. Also I don't want to sweat! So that means no kickboxing classes (happened once) or dancing classes. Nothing too boring, please (museums, libraries). Just want to get to know you! Can we just do a nice dinner and see what happens?


  1. I thought I was the only one who took my dates out to libraries.

  2. "Why can't you just buy me a nice dinner and then I'll go home."

  3. So... basically dinner at Applebees?

  4. Why could this person just say "I only want to do a dinner?"

  5. Was I the only one bothered by "south hemisphere"?


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