A Tine to Kill

Story Sent in by Chuck:

I was out to dinner with Samantha at a pretty nice place. When we were served our meals she pulled scotch tape out of her purse and taped both of her forks together side-by-side into a sort of eight-pronged super-utensil. It was truly a wonder to behold, watching her fit its mighty wideness into her mouth.

I asked her, "A regular fork wouldn't do?"

"No!" she shouted as if I really hit a sore spot. You should've seen her engulf that ravioli.

After dinner, she didn't even take the forks apart, leaving me to undo her stupidity right before we left. On our way out I asked her, "Do you ever do that with spoons or knives?"

She said, "If you're gonna make fun of me, you can just shut up."

That was our only date.

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