Reverse Psychology

Story Sent in by Janna:

Less than an hour before my first date with Ryan, he called to ask me if it was okay if he brought friends. It was actually less him asking me and more the following conversation:

"Hey Janna, it cool if I bring a couple guys with me?"


"Great. See you soon." And he hung up.

Wary, but cognizant that we were meeting in a public place, I went on my way to the diner where we were to meet.

We all met up in a parking lot. Ryan was with two guys who he introduced as Brandon and Adam. We all talked for a bit and they seemed cool. Then Adam leaned against Ryan's car and Ryan lost it.

"Don't lean against my car, bitch!" he screamed.

Adam jumped away from the car and said, "Dude, chill out."

Ryan said, "I'll show you chilling out!"

He jumped into his car, turned it on, and reversed it right at Adam. Adam jumped away but Ryan still reversed his car around the parking lot at Adam until Adam slipped between two other parked cars.

Ryan hit the brakes, then threw his car into drive, then screeched away. I was left there with Brandon and Adam. The three of us went into the diner and had an unexpectedly good time.

After we ate and laughed for a bit (mostly about Ryan), we finished and went outside to the parking lot, where Ryan had been waiting in a space to jet his car at Adam again.

Adam barely made it out of Ryan's way, and Ryan again drove off. Adam said to Brandon, "Let's get him," and they leaped into their car and drove off after him without a goodbye to me.

Ryan called me that night and left a voicemail in which he explained in painful detail how Adam always leaned on his car and how he just couldn't stand it. He ended the message with, "So, if you want a do-over, without anyone else, let me know."

I'll be sure to do that.


  1. reminds me of when a dr.s wife caught him cheating and chased him around a parking lot until she ran over him twice lol. death to cheaters :P

  2. She's just a chunky horse groupie


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