I'm Surprised He Had the Stones for That

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Story Sent in by Sierra:

Joseph dated my sister for a while in high school. They broke up but he and I stayed in touch sporadically through the years. He was always cordial and nice enough to me.

Several years after the breakup, he contacted me and asked me out for drinks. He and I were both in healthcare and he said he had a lot of questions for me. I thought it would be a platonic business-y sort of thing, so I assented to meeting him.

Sure, the first couple of questions he asked me were about healthcare, but then he asked me about my sister. How was she? What was she doing? Was she seeing anyone? Did she ever mention him?

I answered as simply as I could without going into any details. Finally, I drew the line and said, "Is my sister the real reason you wanted to meet up?"

He looked genuinely pained and said, "Of course not. I was just asking for old times' sake. I'm actually more interested in you. I always was."

That deserved a laugh, which it received.

He continued, "I'm serious. You were always the smarter, hotter one."

I said, "Thanks, but I'm not interested."

"Why not?"

"I think I'd better go," I said and I put some money down for my drink and left him there as he stared, open-mouthed.

I still lived with my sister in the same house since high school, and Joseph knew where it was. Later that night, I heard some bangs outside and looked out a window to find him throwing rocks at the house. I called out to him that I was going to call the cops. He fled, never to return.


  1. @ JMG - Should have fake named the date Lloyd!

    Now, if he'd had some legitimate healthcare questions, who knows where the night could have gone.

  2. My guess is that Sierra foiled a revenge fuck. Just sayin'.


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