You'd Belter Believe It

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Story Sent in by Stephen:

I was to meet Leslie inside a restaurant but she wasn't there when I arrived. Shortly thereafter I received a call from her. She told me that she was in the parking lot but that her seatbelt was stuck and she couldn't slip out of it.

I went right outside, found her in her car, and with some effort, extricated her from her belt. It was indeed stuck and I couldn't unbuckle it, although thankfully I was able to maneuver it such so that she could slip out. So with that feather in my cap, we went to dinner together and had a decent time.

Once the meal was over, she mentioned that she'd have to drive home without a working seatbelt. I advised her to go slow and to bring it into a mechanic the next day. She thanked me again for my help and we parted.

I called her the next day to see how things had gone at the mechanic, and also to see if she wanted to go out again sometime. I left her a message and she never called back.

I didn't hear from her until a week later when she emailed me a bill for her seatbelt repair. I thought it was a joke and I ignored it until she wrote me again the next day to ask if I had received it.

I wrote back that I had and that I was treating it like the joke it was. She countered that it wasn't a joke and that she held me responsible for the belt's issues in the first place. I wrote back to let her know that she'd have to take me to court and that I'd counter-sue and hold her responsible for my attorney's fees.

No response to that. Ever.


  1. Belter? I hardly even know her!

    *wild applause*

    Thank you thank you, I'll be here all week! The seven o'clock show is completely different than the nine o'clock show. Don't forget to tip your waiters and waitresses. You take care of them and they'll take care of you.

  2. *shakes head, rolls eyes and STILL laughs :D This guy's gonna kill me I know it....(wanders off to work)


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