To Drive the Cold Winter to School

Story Sent in by Irene:

While John and I were dating, I had a job in town and he was in a full-time masters program. In the mornings, I'd usually pick him up at his home, drop him off at school, and then he'd take the bus back to his house once his classes ended for the day.

One night it snowed so heavily that I didn't think I'd be able to pick him up for his morning classes, much less make it to work on time, myself. I texted him the night before to urge him to take a bus to class in the morning.

That morning, my car and driveway were buried under snow, and I set to work shoveling them out. I called into work to let them know I'd be a little late and there wasn't even anyone there yet to take my call.

Right around the time when I usually picked John up, he texted, "U almost here?"

I called him and it went to voicemail. I reminded him to take the advice I had given him in last night's text: take the bus or find another way. I simply couldn't be there in time. I also texted him that same information again.

He texted back, "U almost here??? Class starts soon."

I called him again and it went to voicemail. I figured that if the man didn't check his texts or messages, it was his own fault. I had a car to dig out.

In a little bit, once I had succeeded in freeing most of my vehicle, who should I see trundling up my driveway but John.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him.

"I took the bus here. You need to drive me to school."

I was thunderstruck. I said, "So why didn't you just take the bus to school?"

He said, "Because you usually drive me. Hurry up."

That was it. "Hurry up." No "let me help you" or "You're right. I'm an idiot." Just "Hurry up."

I said, "I'm already late to work. Why didn't you just take the bus to school, after I told you I probably wouldn't be able to pick you up on time?"

He said, "Because I want you to drive me to school. Hurry up."

So I finished shoveling out while he just watched. And I drove him to school. And when he called and texted me from then on, I conveniently also never received the messages.


  1. Actually I can see why she would drive him. She was probably stressed from already being late for work and did not need a petulant man/child having a lawn tantrum if she refused to let him in the car. She did the right thing to reduce drama. Although I hope she was telling the truth in saying that she completely cut him dead after that.

  2. U spoiled him too much and now look he took advantage of ur generosity. Don't help a man unles u r married to him. lol. :p

  3. @ Tri Led - U R so rite! If he wanted a ride, he shoulda putta ring on it! LOL, JK! U just need to be U, mmmK.


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