A Special Kind of Roommate

Story Sent in by James:

I was out to lunch with Betty on our first date when she asked me if I had any siblings. I told her I had an older brother who was an engineer. Then I asked her if she had any siblings.

Her response? "That's none of your business. How dare you ask me that."

I was taken aback, to say the least. I said, "I didn't think it at all personal. What's the problem?"

She said, "You're asking me who I was essentially vagina roommates with. A little personal, here."

I said, "Then why'd you feel it was okay to ask me?"

She shrugged. "No one seems to have a problem answering that question, but they really should. It's profoundly personal."

"I guess you're right."

"I am. You'll find out if I feel like telling you."

I never found out, as that was our only date.


  1. I think "vagina roommates" isn't quite right. Really, your sibling moved into a vacant vagina after you abandoned it. So really, Squatter's Rights? And actually, "vagina roommates" isn't right either. I think technically, if they were twins of course, they would be "wombmates". Boom!

  2. Betty was very sensitive about her fellow crotchfruit.


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