Do You Want to Eat a Snowman?

Story Sent in by Danny:

Going way, way back to high school, I can fondly recall Fiona. I didn't think I had a chance with her but when she said yes to a date I knew I had to plan something fun. Lucky for me, a winter storm hit that week and I asked her if she wanted to build a snowman. She responded enthusiastically and I knew I had a winner.

I brought everything to the field: a hat, scarf, carrot nose, coal for the eyes, and even a little box of black buttons to use as... well, buttons for Mr. Snowman's coat.

Fiona and I rolled up three big snowballs, set them atop each other, and then set to decorating. I started from the top with the hat and eyes. Fiona took the button box and made a pretty design on Mr. Snowman's middle.

After I had finished the smile, I heard Fiona shake the button box and say, "Oh no."

When I looked at her, she had a ghastly face, like she was terrified of something. She said, "These are buttons? I thought they were candy."

I asked, "Did you eat any?"

"Three. I thought they were just really old candy or something."

So the good times ended. She ran off home to induce vomiting and I stayed behind to finish the snowman. Fiona turned out just fine, and the snowman ended up looking great.


  1. And that Cleveland steamer had a nice set of new buttons.

  2. So she munched on a button, realized it was to hard to chew, swallowed it whole, then repeated 2 more times until she realized they weren't candy? Not the sharpest tool in the shed, I've got to say.

    But, to her credit, at least she was aware that snow-people are properly made up of three balls.


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