Have Him Sneeze on a Porsche

Story Sent in by Linda:

Kyle had the sniffles when we met in person. He could've postponed and I would've been fine, but he did no such thing.

When our meals were served, he took a look at my food and said, "Damn, that looks good. I should've ordered that."

I said, "You can have some if you want."

He stared at it for a long time then leaned over and sneezed all over it.

He then looked at me as if for approval, then took it and said, "Or I can just claim it for my own!" He then ate both of our dinners.

After finishing them both, he then had the audacity to suggest that we split the bill. I nearly shouted that one down and he acquiesced.

Only date.


  1. They should be married by now. What a pair of dipshits.

  2. I can only imagine she was too shocked to move.

  3. Or the entertainment value of watching someone eat their own mucus coated food. Wonder if he used the bread to clean his plate?

  4. what happens if you sneeze back on the plate ?

  5. So if she sneezes back on her own food, then who has to eat it? Stale mate?

    And if sneezing on a Porsche doesn't work, try more drastic measures.

  6. I almost believed this post until I saw the part about her staying while he ate both of their meals. No one would do that.


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