Pissed Chance

Story Sent in by Robert:

I took Dixie out to a place we both liked. It was a hole-in-the-wall but the food couldn't be beat. There were a couple of bathrooms, both unisex. After we ordered our food, I excused myself to use a restroom.

One was already in use, so I used the other. The smell inside was like rotten eggs scrambled with moldy meat. But I just had to pee, so I held my breath, did my business, and left.

When I returned, Dixie herself left to use the bathroom.

She returned with an awful look on her face. "I don't wanna be rude," she said, "But whatever you did in that bathroom's real nasty."

I said, "It wasn't me. I smelled it, too. I just peed."

"Then your pee's got something wrong with it, because it smelled like something awful in there."

"It wasn't me. It smelled like that before I went in there."

"I don't wanna argue about this," she said, arguing about it, "If you're lying to me about this, then how can I trust you about anything?"

"I'm not lying. It smelled bad before I went in there. Why do you assume it was me?"

She hissed, "You were the last to use it before me! I'm not stupid, Rob. Just letting you know, you should probably get your pee checked out."

If that's how she was really going to be, I'd hope she'd have her head checked out. We didn't have much to discuss after that and split the meal. Then a quick goodnight. I think both of us were already tired of the other.


  1. The smell was just a cover-up story. Really Dixie was embarrassed about peeing when he peed.

  2. The fact she refused to let the matter be would have been a dealbreaker for me.

  3. Also, and this is just the architect in me, but isn't it against code to only have one bathroom?

    1. I know I'm late to the party but it does say there were a couple of bathrooms, both unisex.

    2. Perhaps it is in some places, but I’ve been to plenty of restaurants that only have one bathroom, so I doubt that it’s universally prohibited.


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