There Would Be Blood

Story Sent in by Jody:

I was at a bar with Andrew during our first date. They had a cooler set up with a hodgepodge of beers and he grabbed us a couple.

I tried to twist off my bottle cap but it wasn't a twist-off. I was ready to find a bottle opener but he took it from me, bit down on it, and tried to pop it off with his teeth.

There was a crack and then lots of blood. It spattered all over the floor and my legs. He dropped the bottle, screamed, covered his mouth, and ran for what I assumed was the bathroom. Only he never, ever came back.


  1. You didn't go after him to see if he was ok or needed help? What, you just kept partying? Sounds like you were the bad date OP

  2. Agree, Jody was the bad date. It was totally her job to babysit Andrew who fails to grasp the concept of leverage.


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