And Now for Something Completely Different

Story Sent in by Craig:

Tania seemed very sweet and sane, at least online. She was so sweet that when we met in person, she gave me a box of her homemade cookies as a gift. I tried one then and there and was seriously impressed.

After we chatted for a bit in the restaurant, she said, "I have a kind of personal question to ask you. Is that okay?"

I'm an open book, so I told her, "Sure. Shoot."

"How many penises do you have?"

"Just one, but it'll be more than enough for your needs. Why?"

She said, "I dated a guy who swore he had three."

"Did he?"

"I never saw. He broke my heart before we made it that far."

"Oh. Well I tend to doubt he had three."

"I'll never know," she said like she really missed the three-wanged man.

That was a kind of conversation killer. She didn't seem to feel like talking much after that, although she laughed to herself a little, like fondly remembering the good times with 'ol three-dick. First and only date.


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  2. @ Saggy - Nice!

    Also, in case you were wondering.....there is some precedent for this in nature.

  3. Her ex must have successfully completed the ritual.

    @JGM - nice title! I saw the show in London last July.

  4. "Just one, but it'll be more than enough for your needs. Why?"
    That line... 'It'll be more than enough for your needs,' is incredibly presumptuous (it assumes you're having sex, and also that you know what her needs are) and you added 'more than enough,' which is more than you needed to.
    I'm thinking OP talked about sex and his dick more than she was comfortable with, so she made something up.


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