Trouble Cookin'

Story Sent in by Ricardo:

I had been out once with Norma and it went all right. She offered to cook me dinner during our next time together. She gave me her address and I drove over to it.

The address was that of a courthouse. I double-checked the address then called her. She told me she was out in the back parking lot.

Confused, I drove to the lot and parked. There was no sign of her, but a few minutes later she ran up to my car window.

I asked her what was going on and she handed me a sandwich that had been hastily wrapped in newspaper. She said she made it for me, then stood there and stared like she wanted me to unwrap it and start eating it right then.

I took a bite and told her it was good. She kept looking around like she expected the cops to come swooping in at any second.

Once I had finished another couple of bites, she leaned closer toward my car and said, "I'd blow if I were you." She then hightailed it out of there. I left shortly thereafter.

She didn't respond to any of my texts or calls, but two days later, a cop came to my door to ask me if I had seen her over the past several hours. I didn't ask what it was all about, and that was the last I heard about anything relating to her.

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  1. She was on a crime spree, OP. She had just robbed 3 Subways, a Jimmy John's, a Which Wich, and 2 Quiznos.


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