Slow Dancing

Story Sent in by Bessie:

Kenneth promised that he'd take me dancing. I imagined that he had one of a dozen studios in mind. After dinner he took me for a walk in a nearby park.

All at once, he grabbed my hands and whipped them around like a madman. I thought he was being silly. Then after about 15 seconds of that, he dropped my hands and said, "Goodnight." He walked away.

I asked, "Um... aren't we going dancing?"

He said, "We just did. I'm sorry. My batteries are running low." He took my hands in his own. "My batteries. They're low. Low. Low. Low. Looooowwwwwww..."

He dropped his head and carried the "...oooooowwwwwwwww..." for a long while, like he was a toy with dying batteries.

"Um... Kenneth?" I dropped his hands.

He then perked up, laughed hysterically, and jump-skip-bounced away from me. I don't know how else to describe it. He literally ran away from me. On our date.

Not to be stopped, I opted to go dancing on my own. There were two places I knew of within walking distance. I called one of them and it turned out that they were having a lesson and dance that night, in just a little bit. I went over.

Imagine my astonishment when Kenneth himself walked in the door shortly before the music started. He didn't notice me until a few minutes in. When he did, he pointed at me, interrupting the lesson. He said, "Loooooooowwwwwwwwwwww..." and then trudged out, like he was half asleep.

No further incidents occurred, and I danced the night away.


  1. I bet I know what happened here

  2. I bet he just didn't like you in reality, shallow guys you know

  3. I also thought of him just ditching her because he didn't like her, but that doesn't explain the scene he made in the dance class, interrupting the entire lesson. He cray-cray.


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