Winter Was Coming

Story Sent in by Ronald:

There was a blizzard on the day of my date with Emily. We had planned to meet at a burger place a little ways away. I called to ask her if she was still up for traveling. She was, and so we both made it on time to dinner.

We were ushered to a booth where I took off my coat, hat, scarf, and gloves.

Emily took off her hat, earmuffs, ear-warmers, goggles, muffler, scarf, cloak, overcoat, coat, fleece, outer sweater, snow pants, pants...

Whoops! That's right. Emily pulled her pants down with her snow pants. She realized it quickly, but not quickly enough for me and a few diners to miss seeing a bit more of her than she likely intended.

She turned red, cursed, pulled her pants back up, then her snow pants, then put on her outer sweater, fleece, coat, overcoat, cloak, scarf, muffler–

"Emily?" I asked, "Are you leaving?"

She didn't reply, but she affixed her goggles, ear-warmers, earmuffs, and hat. Then she trundled out without a word. I threw on my coat and followed her to the parking lot, but she was already in her car and pulling away, into the snowy evening and out of my life forever.


  1. I think that's pretty understandable OP. If I pulled my pants down in front of a room full of people, I'd probably make a speedy exit myself. Poor girl, I can just see her heading out to her car now. Don't take it personally though. I'm sure she had to get home and do some emergency snow shoveling.

  2. I bet she was just upset that she got all the steps for the date in the wrong order.

  3. While I agree about leaving the restaurant from pure embarrassment when she pulled her pants down with her snow pants (snow pants to go to a restaurant is a new one for me), for why was she dressed like she was going to spend the next week in the arctic studying snow drift patterns while residing in an igloo? I ask this as a Canadian person who is well versed in the topic of snow and how to prepare for it.

  4. Was the 'brief' view worth it?


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