Downtown Girl

Story Sent in by Betty:

I live uptown. Ramon lived downtown. For our date, he asked me if I could meet him downtown. I asked him if we could maybe meet somewhere in between, but he was adamant about downtown. He said, "There's a place I want to take you for dinner."

Once downtown, I asked him where he wanted to go for dinner. He said, "Emma Rae's."

Emma Rae's is a great place. I love Emma Rae's. Thing was, though, there is only one Emma Rae's. And it's uptown. Way uptown. More uptown than I live.

I told Ramon that Emma Rae's was out of the question, as I had just come all the way downtown to meet him. And why had I done that if we were just going to wind up closer to where I lived, in any case?

"I really want to go to Emma Rae's," he said, "I'm paying."

"Why didn't we just meet there? Wouldn't that have been easier?"

He said, "Because I wanted to go there together. Why is that a problem?"

I sat on my ever-rising frustration and we hopped on the subway. When we were two stops away from the stop closest to Emma Rae's, Ramon stood up and said, "Let's go."

"We're two stops away."

"I know. We're getting off here."


"Just trust me."

I followed him off, we exited the subway, then walked uptown, towards Emma Rae's.

"Are we walking to Emma Rae's?" I asked, "I told you we were two stops away."

"I said I know! What's wrong with just walking there?"

"It's like you're picking the least efficient way to go to this place. If you just told me to meet you there, we could've been there an hour ago."

"I didn't want to be there an hour ago. I want to be there when we get there."

I said, "That's stupid."

He stopped walking and said, "Do you want to call this quits, then?"

I said, "We're already most of the way there. Let's just go."

We finally made it to Emma Rae's. But Ramon walked right past it. "It's here," I said to him as he continued down the sidewalk. "Hello? Earth to Ramon?"

He said, "I know. I just want to walk around the block, first."

"But it's here!"

He said, "We're walking around the block. Then we'll go inside."

I said, "How about I just meet you inside?"

He didn't answer but he kept walking. I went inside and fully intended to wait for him... for about a second. Once I realized that he was totally nuts, I left before he returned. If he ever returned. For all I know, he continued on to Montreal.


  1. OP, he didn't return. He was ditching you. You turned a nice walk into a bitch-fest when you could have used that time to get to know each other. Bet you had to meet him at his day job too.

    (Oh come on, you know someone had to do it)

  2. I know Architect was having a bit of fun, but seriously the OP complained the whole time....even before they actually met up. Would it have killed you to go with it for a while and spend the time getting to know him instead of being in such a hurry to get your free meal?

  3. Agree, OP was clearly the bad date here. Probably a dinner whore, getting all bend out of shape because Ramon wasn't delivering the goods fast enough.

  4. Guy is a control freak. Making her meet him, making her get off the subway early and walking past the place. He was testing to see how much he could control her. OP admits she was frustrated, she wasn't the bad date. She wasn't getting answers either. If the guy said, I thought of Emma Rae's, but thought we'd have more time to get to know each other…different story. He wanted her to do is bidding.

  5. @A Limone: I'm with you, dude sounds like a control freak. At best, he has limited social skills. If he wanted to traipse all over the city, he could have at least asked the OP if she would like to do instead of being all "I want to do this, so this what we're doing. What's your problem?" I can't believe people are saying OP is the bad date for being pissed of by that behavior.

  6. I'm glad two other people saw how nutso this guy seemed. Though the story sounded like complaining, the issues brought up were totally reasonable; he just wasn't a considerate guy.

  7. Team OP here. Either he is a control freak or he was trying to ditch her. I'm leaning towards the former because he kept insisting that she go with him. Though he did ask if she wanted to call it quits....

    I also don't blame OP for going along with it. If someone was like 'hey, let's go across town!' I'd give him the benefit of the doubt. And then he started acting strange what with the getting out at the wrong stop, she was probably just too bamboozled at that point. Wouldn't want to do all that hard work and nothing to show for it!

  8. Team OP. If this had been me I would have left him as soon as he suggested getting off purposefully at the wrong stop.


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