Let Go

Story Sent in by Adam:

I had been together with Rachael for a few months when things turned strange. I can't remember any warning signs, but one day out of the blue she gave me the silent treatment for no apparent reason. It took me a solid couple of days to crack her shell, but I was over at her house when I did, and it made me wish that I hadn't.

"How dare you," she began.

"How dare I what?"

She said, "You know what I'm talking about. You called her."


She said, "You know who! Your ex! Melissa!"

First of all, I'm on friendly terms with a lot of my exes. Rachael knew this (having been on friendly terms with a few of her exes as well). We had discussed it and there had been no issues.

Secondly and more distressingly, I had never dated a Melissa.

"I don't know who you're talking about," I told her.

She said, "You liar. You were on the phone with her. You went over to her house. You did it with her!"

I said, "Want to check my phone records? There's no Melissa there at all."

I handed her my phone (in retrospect, not my brightest moment). She scrolled through it for a minute then said, "What the hell?"

"What?" I asked, suddenly edgier.

She handed it to me. "It's auto-erasing everything."

"It's what?"

My phone was resetting and when it finally came to, everything was apparently gone. Rachael had erased it all.

"I knew it," she said, "It was set on auto-erase. I came too close and now it's erasing the evidence. Proof!"

I said, "There's no such thing as 'auto-erase.' You must've done this by accident or otherwise. And I also have a backup on my computer, so I can restore and again show you that I never called a Melissa."

She said, "You've obviously cleared her out of your backup by now! Do you think I'm stupid? You called her and set your phone on auto-erase when I came too close to the truth! Proof!"

I said, "But you have no proof."

She grabbed for my phone but I held on tight. "Let go!" she shrieked, "Let go!"

She punched and kicked and tore. But I wasn't letting go. She shoved me away, her face covered in tears, and said, "Fine! Go do Melissa! See if I care!"

She was in no state to be reasoned with, so I left her. I decided to wait for her to contact me, which she did. I also set the ground rule for myself that if she wanted to apologize, then we could talk.

Instead of ever apologizing, all of her messages begged me to "ditch Melissa" and return to her. To this day, I have still never dated a Melissa, and I have no clue what Rachael was talking about. At this point, I likely never will.


  1. Never dated a Melissa. But was totally doing a Mariska on the side. Smooth move OP.

    I mean Melissa. He cheats on me with Melissa.

    This chick is still out there. Dating. You could be next. Be warned!

  3. You probably shouldn't have had sex with Melissa, dude.


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