Trick and Treat

Story Sent in by Brandy:

Lee found me on a dating site and somehow charmed me into a first date. As we walked around town to nowhere in particular, he took out a coin and said, "Want to see magic?"

Without waiting for my answer, he flipped it way up into the air and as I watched it go, he grabbed me by the front of my pants and tried to shove his hand down them.

I never took a martial art, but I do know that guys hate it when you bend their fingers backwards as hard as you can. So I grabbed his hand and did exactly that.

He screamed and yelled, "Get off me, psycho!"

Thing was, I was so mad at him for grabbing me that I wanted to teach him a lesson, lest he try it with any other woman. I pushed his fingers even further back until he screamed even louder, wrenched his hand away, and went running off, down the sidewalk. The eyes of half the town probably watched after him.

He never called for a second date.


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